As a nimble, volunteer-based non-profit we are experimenting with different methods to achieve our objectives. Initial efforts include:

  • Creating and publishing “No Service Maps” showing where to find “No Service” areas across the U.S. (and eventually around the world)—available free to members of the “No Service Club” (see below) to use in planning—or at least dreaming about—off-grid getaways.
  • Establishing the “No Service Club” with membership open to anyone willing to donate either money (>$10) or a minimum number (10?) of distinct cellular-free locations to add to our collection of “No Service Maps” —club members get unlimited access to the maps.
  • Launching an advocacy campaign to educate the public as well as elected officials and other decision-makers about keeping wilderness free of cellular incursions.
  • Creating an online advertising campaign — and availing ourselves of free placements for non-profits through Google Adwords — to draw more attention to our cause and solicit volunteers, donations and other support.
  • Initiating discussions with major cellular providers about working in concert with us to keep their towers far from existing wilderness areas — maybe they will join us for the good PR?
  • Potentially litigating against cellular providers (and/or abetting public agencies) which pursue plans to expand their cellular coverage into established wilderness areas which are protected from such development under 1964’s Wilderness Act — and which environmentalists and nature lovers consider sacred.